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Mix Value Counting Machine

Skyliine Present new " GOLD DIAMOND " india's best  Value Counting (Fully Automatic Currency Counting machine  with Built-in Fake Note Detector of latest 500 and 2000 notes software) Counterfeit Detecting Function + Value counting  + Denomination Detection + Manual start counting mode + Batch function + Half-note detection "Fake Note + Pre 2005 Note Detector" • Half-note detection: When detects half-note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound. • Counterfeit Detecting Function UV,IR, MG. The sensitivity can be adjusted. • Customer display: Included. • Chained note detection (two sheets): When detects chained note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound .The sensitivity can be adjusted • Auto start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper and then machine will began counting automatically. • Simultaneously, this will also detect fake currency and PRE 2005 Notes • Denomination Detection DD: Regarding the first banknote as the standard, the note denominations can be detected. • Size detection: Regarding the first banknote as the standard, the smaller note in width(2mm difference) can be detected . The sensitivity can be adjusted. • It will show no. of currency in each denomination and also give total value with no. of notes counted Specifications : • Counting speed 1000pcs/min • Banknote size 110 x 50mm - 190 x 90mm • Entrance money capacity 200 Pcs • Counting range 1-9999 • Preset range 1-999 • Continuous working time > 8hours • Wearing parts life > 1000 ten thousand sheet • Work temperature < 20? • Product size 302mm*260mm*177mm • Product weight 5.6kgs • Power source AC220V(1±10%), 50Hz(1±5%), AC110V(1±10%), 60Hz(1±5%) • Power Consumption < 60W • Noise < 60DB

Capable of automatic authentication using UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic) sensor while counting

  • suitable for most currencies in the world, automatic start
  • automatic start, stop and clearing, capable of batching, adding and self-examination functions
  • counting speed: > 1000 pcs/min.

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